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Local Government Drone Survey Services

Land use survey and photogrammetry, restoration project progress, community events video, terrain analysis, 3D modeling, and much more.


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Public Works, Development, Community Outreach

For local governments, aerial survey photography has long been one of the ways they received more information for planning and developing projects. But taking pictures and video from a helicopter or small plane comes with issues such as poor resolution, high expense, and more. Thanks to drones, there is now an easier way to get the needed information quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, as well. That can make it easier to plan everything from safety changes to brand-new parks, and more.

Precision Piloting

We have 2 objectives when we fly for you: 1) safe mission execution, and 2) exceeding your expectations.

Fast Delivery

Our services are fast to schedule and we deliver your images and footage same-day in most cases.

End-to-End Production

We can deliver raw images and video  or deliver a finished work—you’re covered.

Public Works Drone Photos Make Development Easier

Planning and development are important areas for local government. Public works projects can move forward more efficiently, PR is heightened when the community can see what changes will be made. With public works drone photos, it is easier than ever to see the projected site from a new perspective. Not only does that allow for new ideas, but it can also highlight any problems that need to be addressed or adjusted for. That will improve the ability of local government to accomplish more, and meet community needs.

A Community Event Drone to Capture the Moment

Another excellent reason to use a drone is to capture what is taking place in the local area. Capturing a community event by drone, the size of a crowd is easier to understand, parking and attendee flow becomes easy to track. Aerial photography and videography make great publicity content enabling the local government to showcase their involvement and investment in their electorate. With drone photos and video footage, recapping the event, vendor placement, and identifying opportunities for improvement becomes easier than ever before.

Safety Commitment

All of our pilots are FAA Part 107-certified and are named on our insurance certificate.  We take safety seriously, which means each mission begins days before the rotors turn with flight planning, including weather analysis, and local regulations.  Planning our flights meticulously ensures you get the highest quality images, from optimal angles, without incident.

Drone Photos for Community Events in Chicago, IL

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