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Drone Survey Services

From hi-res orthomosaic and 3D models to volumetric and digital surface models (DSM).


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Photogrammetry To Make Better Decisions

UAV Chicago’s drone survey services produce topographic maps, planimetric (featureless) maps, contour lines, 3D models (volumetric estimates), volume estimates, and digital surface models (DSM) derived from drone surveys. We also have extensive hardware including survey grade GNSS equipment for the absolute positioning of drone images.

Drone Survey Applications

Our drone services include land surveying, orthomosaic photographs, drone mapping, drone inspection, drone 3D modeling/rendering, GIS data collection (for example: DSM creation), volumetric estimates, and point clouds.

Higher Accuracy = Reduced Waste

In 2019, it is estimated the U.S. construction industry incurred a waste cost exceeding $160B.  Drone survey application in the industry led to over 60% increase in measurement accuracy for firms adopting drone operations on large projects.  If you’re running a project in excess of $5M, what would a 60% improvement in measurement accuracy mean for procurement and waste expenses? 


Avg. Measurement Improvement

Better Estimates

From roofing and paving estimates to terrain analysis and volumetric estimates, your project costs just dropped precipitously.  Join the thousands of builders who employ drone services to improve their project estimation without the risk or cost of a manual survey.

Aerial Survey Specialization

The drone market is ever expanding, with new equipment being introduced on a monthly basis.  But, not all drones are equally equipped to perform aerial surveys.  Our aerial survey drones range from 16MP to over 20MP cameras and sophisticated software that enables our team to produce orthomosaic photos and 3D models down to fractions of an inch.